The Country Universities Centre (CUC) is a not-for-profit organisation, established with the aim of making tertiary education more accessible for regional and remote communities in New South Wales.  

Regional youth participation in tertiary education is less than half the rate of their metropolitan counterparts, with the gap widening further in recent years. One of the biggest challenges faced by regional  remote students is the absence of a ‘campus’ environment and its associated support and benefits.  

The Country Universities Centre is based on a model, which delivers supported learning to these students, providing them with access to campus-level technology, facilities, tutors and a network of fellow students. The NSW Government has recently provided the Country Universities Centre with the funding to establish further centre locations. With this funding, the Country Universities Centre expects to create a network in regional towns. The Goulburn Centre is government locally, and is empowered with the flexibility to adapt to fit our community needs. 

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